Windshield Cleaner with Microfiber Cloth

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  • Perfect for windshields and glass.
  • This Windshield Cleaner Wand is an easy-to-use device that combines a long, ergonomic handle with a microfiber bonnet.
  • Simply use spray cleaner or water and wipe the windshield with ease.
  • Also great for windows, television screens, and mirrors.
  • Measures approximately 15.5" long with a 5.25" x 3.5" cleaning head.
  • Comes packaged in a blister pack.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE โ€“ This handy window cleaner is not just for car windshields. Works great on trucks, SUVโ€™s, and even RVโ€™s.
  • Ship within 2 business days!