Car Windshield Washer Tablet (10 Pics)

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  • Protect your Car Glass: A car effervescent washer not only suitable for cleaning a car's glass, but also reduce friction, protect the glass surface and extend the service life of wiper blades. Suitable for mirror cleaning, window cleaning, and tile cleaning.
  • Low Price: Our Versatile Effervescent tablets Tablets will help you to save costs.1 tablet+4L water= 4L windshield washer, you will get 240 liters of windshield glasswasher. Fully dissolved without residue.
  • Easy to Carry: There are only about 0.6 inches/ 1.5 cm in diameter, which is more space-saving than traditional cleaning solutions.
  • Simple to use: Put a car windshield clean effervescent tablet into the wiper can then fill it with water. Or first, dissolve the windshield cleaner with a container, then pour the dissolved cleansing fluid into the wiper jar.