How To Make Your Old Car Bluetooth Compatible With Bluetooth FM Transmitter

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How To Make Your Old Car Bluetooth Compatible With Bluetooth FM Transmitter

The emergence of phone-based in-vehicle multimedia has become one of the most significant developments in automobile technology over the last decade. We want our smartphones to connect with our autos as our lives are becoming more intimately connected with them. This has significant advantages in terms of safety, affordability, and functionality.

Every new car now has Bluetooth technology as well as other today's technology features such as a touchscreen infotainment system, navigation system, and video rear-view mirror, among others. But what if you drive an older car that doesn’t have an In-Built Bluetooth feature? What is the best way to make your vehicle Bluetooth compatible so that you can play music on your car’s stereo and make hands-free calls? Simply put: Using a Bluetooth FM Transmitter is the best and cheapest option.

What Is Bluetooth FM Transmitter?

With FM technology in effect, FM transmitters are simply an extension to assist you in accessing the transmitted frequency in the car’s radio. In this era of technology, when your phone has hundreds of music stored on it, Bluetooth FM Transmitter allows your phone to connect to the Car Stereo through Bluetooth. It transforms your phone's audio signals into an FM signal. In addition, these Bluetooth FM transmitters are reasonably priced and straightforward to use.



How Does Bluetooth FM Transmitter Work?

A Bluetooth FM transmitter sends and receives data through radio signals using a low-power, short-range frequency. Once your phone has been linked with the vehicle's stereo, it will instantly allow you to access the desired features, for instance, the music. All you have to do is pick an empty FM frequency on your car radio and switch the FM Transmitter to it. Your vehicle speakers assist you in optimizing volume level. Furthermore, since most all FM transmitters are inserted directly into the car’s lighter, you won't have to worry about battery power.



How to Install a Bluetooth FM Transmitter in Your Vehicle

  1. Plug the FM Transmitter into the cigarette lighter.
  2. Tune the radio to an open frequency on which no radio station broadcasts.
  3. Set the FM transmitter to the same radio frequency as the vehicle's stereo.
  4. Pair your smartphone with the Bluetooth FM Transmitter.
  5. Boom! You are ready to listen to whatever you want on your car’s stereo!

Is it all that comes with the Bluetooth FM Transmitter?

No! There are several other options too! More than just adding Bluetooth, Bluetooth FM Transmitter modernizes your vehicle! Bluetooth FM Transmitters have a lot going on — it combines a lot of recent functionality into a remarkably tiny package :

—There are two USB ports that can be used to charge devices. (One is labeled QC 3.0 is for newer devices that support quick-charge, and the other one on the left is for all devices.)

—There are three ways to play music, which are using a USB port / TF Card / Bluetooth.

—There is a built-in microphone on the Transmitter, that means you have the freedom to make hands-free calling.